Saturday, July 19, 2008

May Mumu Sa WebCam Ko

Recent chat with my Panda Bear ended like this:
Isha: wahh nagpixelize
Isha: babyt may tumawid sa likod mo
Isha: is someone else there?
Isha: ok the cam just froze again
Isha: am going to sleep na
Isha: goodnight
Tobie: good night sweetie
Tobie: wah
Tobie: walang tumawid
Tobie: am alone
Tobie: waah
Isha: am freaked
Tobie: goodnight
Isha: kasi meron talaga!
Isha: waaah
Tobie: waaah
Isha: ok it's time to sleep
Isha: byebe
Tobie: bye bye love
Tobie: MWAH

For the third time now, something has been seen walking past behind me while I was webcamming. The first time this happened, I had just bought my A4 Tech camera and was chatting with my girlfriend for the first time when she claims a long haired young woman in white suddenly walked by behind me. Being a former Spirit Questor, I tried to detecting anything nearby but failed to sense anything malignant. I decided to brush it off as just her teasing me to scare me...

...until one of my good friends, Johnboy, suddenly saw the same figure. Neither of them have talked about it, and yet their descriptions of the thing was the same. Female. Long hair. White clothes. Walking past behind me.

I tried to shut them both out, thinking they were just playing a prank at me. Maybe they planned this out from the beginning.

A few weeks later, I was sleeping in my room with the window curtains open (a rare thing. I usually shut the curtains since I hate the idea of waking to see someone by the window watching me sleep... hint hint...) My sister and her friend has just gotten home from some gimmick early morning when they saw the open window, then saw someone in white walk by inside. They called out to me, greeting me good morning, and when the figure in white ignored them, they thought maybe I was just too sleepy to answer.

Too sleepy indeed. Minutes later, I woke up, headed up to the main house for something to eat, and they saw me and greeted me again and teased me about not answering earlier when they called out. When my sister noticed I was actually wearing BLACK, she asked, "Kuya, whose your friend downstairs? We greeted him by mistake."

There wasn't anyone with me.

So now, months after these earlier incidents, my Panda Bear has seen my strange visitor again.

Astig diba?

So who wants to stay over?

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  1. this is utterly horrifying! but it would make for a great movie!



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