Friday, July 04, 2008

If I created a Diablo game

Diablo 3 has just been announced by Blizzard Entertainment. After so many years of waiting for its next installment, the third Diablo game is finally officially in the works. Two character types already have been shown in their official site and the new skills remind one of certain character skills from the unofficial Defense of the Ancients (aka DOTA) modification to the Warcraft 3 engine.

If I were part of the Diablo game team, these are the stuff I would have added to it:

1) At least 30 characters to choose from.
Dota has spoiled us silly. So Blizzard better do what DOTA accomplished and give players NUMEROUS options of characters to choose from. With so many staple fantasy character options (Knight, Amazon, Thief, Ranger, Wizard, Priest) as well as more unconventional ones possible (Cannibal, Voodoo King, Pirate, Alchemist, Tomb Raider, Curse Eater, etc) I would have made the game have all these options - these would have shot up the replayability of the game by over 300% and created loads of possible team strategies to consider.

2) Multiplay: Cooperative
I'd have the game work with a multiplay: cooperative option (which already exists) but in more than just the usual manner. I'd have it have an online "database" of your hero, which you can load up to use when you want to. Like MMORPGs, but not forcing people to play at the same time. Instead, its more "There are so many dungeons out there. Who'se willing to join me." kind of tavern areas where you can only join a group for a particular instance of a randomly generated dungeon. Not the usual "set quests" in MMORPGS.

3) Multiplay: Opposition
I'd have multiplayer options that have teams fight against each other. Example? Dungeon Race. At least two teams composed of up to five heroes each race to reach the bottom most level of a dungeon where a Dragon awaits. Teams can also try to kill each other off to get the advantage. I'd have destroyable portions of the map too, to have some options of "shutting down a passageway" forcing the opposing team to find a different route, etc.

4) Generational Campaign mode
While there is always the single player story mode, I'd love to see a Generational Campaign mode where you play through the single player mode as normal, then after finishing it, are allowed to create a new character representing the "child of the first one" where you can have that character "inherit" items from the first, then continue on in the game with now randomly spawning new maps. Generations are coded into the character, so soon you can proudly say, "I'm playing Aratehan, son of Gidon, son of Haleo, and son of the epic hero Talos." and watch other people realize you're playing a character who has spanned three generations.

It ain't much, but damn it be cool.

5) Mounts
Yes, I would add mounts to the game. Nuff said.

6) Item Creation
Yep, gather special items, mix them well. And a magical weapon you wanted appears.

7) Master Classes
Like the Prestige classes in d20, I'd have the class you choose not necessarily be the class you play for the rest of the game. At certain levels, you are allowed to expand to other sub-classes, or gain levels as a different class instead.

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