Sunday, June 22, 2008

UEN got flooded

The typhoon Frank has caused a lot of accidents, damage and deaths in its wake. My prayers go out to all who have lost someone or lost property from the passage of this force of nature.

UEN thankfully did not suffer the fate that this other red car had suffered in the picture. What UEN did suffer was around five inches deep of water inside the right side of the car. There has been this tiny tiny leak somewhere near the right passenger side mirror which usually allows a tiny trickle of water in when it rains. With the constant strong downpour that has been coming down since Friday, however, UEN became a receptacle for rainwater without me noticing before it was too late.

As I drove to Church this Sunday evening, I noticed sloshing sounds whenever I shifted gears. I kept glancing outside at the street level, wondering why I could hear the sounds typical of a flooded street and yet not see any water (Tahanan Village, thankfully, is a hilly subdivision). That's when I hit a hump and heard the distinct splash of water beside me.

Just spend around half an hour draining it and padding it as dry as I could.

But the rain hasn't stopped and there's no nearby roofed parking area in sight.
So something tells me I'm going to have to drain UEN again later in the morning. Oh well, at least everyone in the family is safe.

Take care, everyone!

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