Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some Reasons to be Happy: Sharing the joy

Firefox 3.0
Soooooooper neat! And most of all, I love the PicLens plugin which really really makes me smile. Check it out and try looking at your Friendster photos or try using Google Images.
Hay. Got me smiling like a giddy six-year-old in a candy shop.
It is like The Matrix meets Sidereals in a modern world.
Don't quite get what I mean? Well, just watch the trailer and see a great looking upcoming film.

Changeling: The Lost
It has been out for quite some time, but its only lately I've been able to get some chance to read the books. Incredible. Amazing. Definitely stands now as one of the BEST books ever released by White Wolf Gaming Studios ever since they began the New World of Darkness line. This game really stabs into the genre and finds new fresh blood (unlike Vampire or Werewolf or Mage). The only game that got this close to being so cool was Promethean and Old World of Darkness' Orpheus line.

The Official Ghibli Museum, Mitaka
Now officially added to my list of places to visit before I die.

Yay Silent Hill!

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