Sunday, June 01, 2008

LOST Season 4 ender

I shall try my best not to put spoilers in this.

Even if I know deep down I will still end up saying a few things about the two-hour episode that is sure to get Lost fans screaming at me for posting it.

Of course, some sites like this one are stupid and insensitive enough to actually post spoilers as the HEADING of the post.

What can I say?

First of all, this is definitely an episode that answers a LOT of questions, teases even more on the big questions, finally resolves a few other questions and as expected, draws open the doors to even more questions.

Among the topics that fall under one of the four above, we got:
Why? What did he whisper? Where did he go? Why wasn't he there? How did he die? Did they really move it? Why he was wearing that? Will they ever meet again? Who is the one in the coffin? Why did they lie? Who are the new love teams to expect in Season five?

As expected, naysayers will still hate the finale, and are sure to make a fuss over Lost still not answering "Exactly what the island is" when I personally believe so much allusion as to what it most likely is already answers a lot. I always loved shows that had a slow burn to them. I always loved Millenium over X-files, for example. Or games like WoD where mysteries over layers of mysteries exist, rather than games like Dungeons and Dragons where its quick bang for the buck.

Sun, Kate, Sawyer, John, Hurley, Rose, Desmond, and Jack get good screen time, but nothing compared to Ben who really steals the show with his key lines. Niles, Lewis and weird scientist guy seem to be on the road to becoming larger characters in the next season, based on how their short yet "dum dum dum!" dialogue flowed.

While the first season made us wonder, "What is in the hatch?"
And the second season made us wonder, "What the hell are they doing to this show?"
The third season definitely twisted the expectations around and made us go, "Whaaaat? They can do that toooooooo in this show?!??! OMG!"
This fourth season had its bumps with some episodes obviously written because the actor felt he needed to become more special, while other episodes were absolutely top-notch.

This does, however mean, its going to be a looooooooooong wait til the show continues again.
Thankfully, I got Pushing Daisies, the Office, Battlestar Galactica and Big Bang Theory to keep me occupied.

And yes, its nice to have seen Smokey again.

It was hilarious to see how they still got to get Sawyer to do his thang for the girls who like him.

It was delicious to see Sun show some teeth at last.

And it was terrifying to see Juliet seemingly hitting on "that" guy.

Favorite lines:
"I am not celebrating."
"Leader stuff... I guess..."

Things that might slip you by:
Noticed the reverse audio in one scene?
How about the answer to where them Polar bears came from?
Loved the "misdirection" at one point.
The return of the orientation films!
The answer to Sun's "I blame two people..."

And best of all:
Michael is dead.
Sorry, that's spoilerific. But yes. I really really REALLY really hate him.
Stupid character anyhow. And the actor is too big-headed for the show too.
Stay dead, please?
Don't even haunt the rest of the cast please?

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