Monday, May 12, 2008

Updates: Sci-Fi Talk, Malate Nights, Fandom Live!

Just another quick recap on what's been going on with me for the past few weeks:

Although I failed to get to Alabang Town Center on time (its easier to just claim it was my fault when in truth, ATC has much to learn about customer service) and I was not able to catch the screening with the Fab sisters, I was still able to catch it with Jeff, Chiqui and her friend (Pia, I think her name was). Loads of fun galore watching the film, lots of geekgasms and laughs, especially when Jeff started raising his middle finger at the kontrabida as a sign language show of his anger at his evil doings.

Malate Nights Days are Numbered
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Time can change me, but I can't change time.. For quite some time, hanging out at Malate with a few new found friends has been a great driving source of destress for me. Sadly, recent changes are changing it more into a distressing thing and making me reconsider if its time to hang once again with geeks, stay home and enjoy my movies, or maybe even simply do the artist thing and just close the world for a moment and take an inner child tour. Still, there will be some nights I'll indulge in a few beers and hip swinging to Shining Star... but definitely things ain't the same no more.

Company Outing at the Mountain Dew Pool
Brought the few available people with me to a "company outing" last late April to celebrate birthdays, bondings and the fact that ABBA eTranscript and Training Services continues to survive despite economic shifts and the like. We headed to Batangas and revisted the hot spring pool which I once brought my Panda Bear and some friends to for our joint birthday bash. Thankfully, I wasn't trapped in the bathroom this time. But I am shying away from posting all the other pictures that caught me swimming and running around in my speedos! Trust me, its for your own good I keep it that way.

Had loads of food that day. And by loads I mean LOADS. I ate like seven or eight plates of rice, dalag, seaweed, vegetable salad, adobo, tilapia and barbeque that day for lunch alone. Tapos nag-swimming pa!

I guess considering I am still alive and typing this blog entry, I've just invalidated that old fear of eating before swimming leads to appendicitis and death.

SCI FI Workshop for Talecraft at Powerbooks Hopefully Inspires Enough
Gave my lecture/talk/workshop at Powerbooks Megamall last Sunday (Mother's day) to a group of over twenty some people. I THINK I did good. Zipped through the boring details of the subgenres of Science Fiction and carefully mentioned the current debates on using instead speculative fiction as a term/label. Then, zipped through suggestions on how to make stories more compelling and included a suggestion to also check out Joseph Campbell's Monomyth/The Hero's Journey as a good framework for story writing.

Tried to remind everyone that although some do truly believe there are no unique stories to be told, there are unique ways to choose how to tell your story.

And challenged everyone to broaden their mindset to what science fiction should entail, as well as what can and cannot encompass as part of science fiction.

That's a LOT of activities I guess I had to recap here.
Sighs. Just feels less exciting since I didn't have my Panda Bear with me in any of them.

I miss you so much, Isha.

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  1. you did well. too bad Tina and I were not able to stop by to listen. had to rush back home pretty early that day.



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