Thursday, March 06, 2008

Photobucket gone wacko...

I have had my online (unfinished) comic, DILIMAN, on blogger for many years now. The pages of the comics have been in my photobucket account for so long. Slowly, I've been uploading the pages on the blogger account for people to easily access.

Today, I discovered that Photobucket has somehow deemed the fourteenth issue to be in violation of their rules/laws and have deleted the images. I do not know why or how black and white artwork would be subject to deletion while other sites use Photobucket to post porn, racism and the like, but they seem to have found a reason and done so.

So here's my blog post to document this terrific moment for me someday to look back and laugh at. Today though, I am sorely pissed.

My advance apologies to any who get subject to my growing fury.

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