Friday, January 18, 2008


When suddenly, I was overwhelmed by shock today when I glanced at my YM contacts list and saw one of my college buddies have the following status:

NAMEwithheldFORhisPROTECTION - I love my Panda!

So, with a sudden burst of curiousity/shock/horror/intrigue/territorialism, I was about to throw him a huge series of questions as to why he would even dare say such a thing when I remembered that he TOO calls the significant other he loves (as to whether she loves him back, remains to be seen and debated over) his Panda. Well, not Panda like my sweetie is the Panda Bear, but rather (and to para-phrase quote him):

"I call her the word for Panda in Chinese."

(Yes, I admit, actual verbatim words may be different, but the sense is retained). Before I could retort that he should then stick to using that term, he does remind me that he and his Panda have supposedly been using the nickname for the last FOUR years.

So by the unwritten laws of chronological first dibs, they used the nickname first.


Bah, I say.

Patricia Raine Mallare Pimentel still remains the one and only Panda Bear in my eyes.
And I love MY Panda Bear.

My Panda Bear ain't Chinese.
She's Pinoy.
A Pinoy and Canadian Panda Bear at that.

And my Panda Bear loves the rain.

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