Thursday, November 01, 2007

First of all, let us all congratulate my sweetie whose photograph is part of an Exhibit in New York. My sweetie was one of the five finalists in the Music Category and her photograph was featured the exhibit of the New York International Photography contest. I am so proud of her!

Then, quite recently, the New Worlds Alliance successfully celebrated the 5th New Worlds: Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention! The single day affair was held in Glorietta a scant 8 days after the sad incident which led to a number of deaths and injuries. Many groups were forced to change their event-line up or booth design in respect of those who lost loved-ones in the tragic accident. Two moments of silence were offered in the event as well.

Had a great time running FIGHT! as well as moderating the very successful Writer's Forum. My thanks again to the guest speakers who attended the forum and to everyone else who came and learned something new!

Photos and videos can be found in my multiply account.
As well as in the New Worlds Alliance homepage itself.

Next, we had the Dare 2 Pair Halloween party at Hard Rock Cafe. Once again, the New Worlds Alliance gave the event its unique touch, not to mention added a dose of hilarious fun and dancing to the event. This time, I got to go in a costume (other than FIGHT!) and opted to do a homage to my favorite TV show, LOST.

Photos and videos can be found in my multiply account.

Life has been good.
Even if it has been tough in many other ways.

Still working on finding a way to ship myself to Canada within the year. Many have advised me to move the trip to February or so, as to avoid the yuletime rush. But part of me desperately needs to see, touch and embrace my Panda Bear again soon. I was never really good with distance, and it is really taking a lot of faith, willpower and patience to get through each week that passes.

Staying busy has allowed me to focus my energies on more creative things rather than just be depressed over having the ocean to fight against.

But yes, life has been good.

Hope your's have been too, my dear readers!

Oh and NaNoWriMo has begun! Here's to trying another stab at writing a novel.
Join up!

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  1. oooh baby thanks for the shameless panda plugs. I love you so much. MMMWAH.

    Seriously, baka mag climate shock ka when you get off the plane and it's winter here. I don't mind seeing you in warmer weather (Feb is fine din kasi that's our second anniv :D) I love you baby. Take care of yourself!



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