Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hope, Sacrifice and Unity.
The Battle Rages Across the Stars.
And you are the Weapon.

In the Trinity timeline, in 2106 the Aberrants returned from exile deep space, ready to take Earth back for themselves. However, they were stopped by a force that had been growing in secret for several years: the psions.

The Aberrant wars that take place before Trinity starts have scarred the earth. In particular, the fall of the space station Esperanza in Europe and the Blight in the midwestern FSA has resulted in a devolution of power to the rest of the world. Brazil, China, Africa and Australia are major powers in the Trinity timeline. Europe is a wasteland, America is under the control of a fascist government, and Japan is only slowly emerging from self-imposed exile.

In addition to the national changes, the Trinity era has had first contact with several alien species. The most notable ally race are the Qin, alien masters of biotechnology who do not have their own psis. Earth is at war with an alien race called the Chromatics, who have advanced control of light and their own technology, as well as a holy mission to destroy mankind. The potential greatest threat to mankind is the Coalition an apparent hegemony of aliens on a giant generational ship headed towards Earth and with no interest in mankind except as a source of genetic raw material.

Psi Orders
The eight Psi Orders are each experts of a different noetic Aptitude, ranging from the healing process to an alternate form of the quantum powers of Aberrants. While psi potentials are present throughout the world, their powers can only be awakened through the use of Prometheus Chambers, which were brought to the world by the Proxies, the founders of the orders and the undisputed masters of their Aptitudes.

* The Æsculapian Order, practitioners of vitakinesis.
* The Chitra Bhanu, the forsaken dark psions, practitioners of quantakinesis.
* The Interplanetary School of Research and Advancement, practitioners of clairsentience.
* The Legions, practitioners of psychokinesis.
* The Ministry of Noetic Affairs, practitioners of telepathy.
* The Nova Fôrça de Nacionales, practitioners of biokinesis.
* Orgotek, practitioners of electrokinesis.

The Orders, while seperate entities, work together as a unified whole via the work of the Æon Trinity.

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Movies/shows/novels that have a similar feel to the game include: Battlestar Galactica, Starship Troppers, Aliens, Blade Runner, Aeon Flux and Warhammer 40k.

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