Monday, November 05, 2007

First up, finally got my shinny plastic license! After all those months of my Panda Bear Isha teaching me to drive, I've been going around town with my temporary license in hand. Finally got the real thing (although it did require a scary close call with some possibly intoxicated cops as well as long drive to Imus, Cavite) and let me just say, "Sweetie, I really wish you were still somewhere I could drive to right now..."

Then, missed the Yale party (yes, I horribly terribly dearly regret doing so) but on the other hand was able to get a shiny new computer thanks to Seth. Haven't gotten around to actually using it though since I need to first find a good way to set up TWO computers in my room (so this is a shout out to anyone with spare computer tables... tell me!!! I'll give them a great home!)

And finally, got a haircut. Although I was sorely tempted to keep my longer locks and find a way to make my Sayid/Desmond look last longer, liking the way the locks worked with my mug, I decided to hit my tita's parlor and have them chop off the hair to something more manageable. Thankfully, my Panda Bear approved of my new look.

Lastly, after using Flicker for some time to upload photos, I've just learned that i was using a free Pro account, and learned how horrific the actual free account is like. So I'm going to start using Multiply for all my photos from now on. Goodbye Flicker!


  1. well, baby you can drive here naman if you take the ferry to Hong Kong and drive up through china and russia and the arctic circle and down again through calgary. Mwah.

    I loooove you!

  2. HEhehhe that would be a fun drive, if it were really possible. :-) Financially.



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