Thursday, November 08, 2007


Frightening but true, the kind car I've been using as the unofficial NWA ferry/taxi refused to start today. Even after I tried to tighten, knock, tickle, tease, seduce, intimidate and beg the car battery to start working, dear old Maroonish UEN refused to start.

Sadly this means I won't be able to join Mika, Patton, Mara (and whoever else will be there) for tonight's Fruits In IceCream run.

And this really reminds me of someone's recent blogpost of a very similar nature.
I guess this is true proof na the ALEC KASI EH movement should begin. After threatening to introduce me to his Tobie-devouring Bulldog named Tommy, I guess my dear vehicle spent the last of her energies to bring me back home from the Cubao area to the safety of my Garapatabode.

With the heavy next line up of activities for my next few days, here's hoping the battery really is the only thing wrong with UEN. I need to be mobile starting tomorrow evening!

Alec Kasi eh...


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