Tuesday, October 02, 2007

OPEN MEET: Come and play!

The FIRST SATURDAY of this October, October 6, will see the OPEN MEET held at the Function Room/Cabana of Residencia 8888, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, from 3 PM til 12 MIDNIGHT.

For the October Open Meet, feel free to contact Adrian Martinez at tybalt1701 (at) yahoo.com. Nabs should be there early to collect the entrance fees and hand out the name tags.

The OPEN MEET is an informal gathering of table top enthusiasts in order to mingle, develop and renew ties, and to try out various related hobbies that they normally don't have the time or resource to test. Every month is a grab bag of varied offerings of Boardgames, Party Card Games, Trading / Collectible Card Games, Miniature War Games, traditional / classic Wargames and select One-Shot Role-Playing adventures courtesy of the people from the Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers, Philboardgamers, Rolling Hills Gaming Club, Tabletopwars.com, and The Fellowship.

  • View the map here.

  • To get to Residencia 8888, get off at the SHAW Blvd. MRT Station. From there, walk on the side of Shangri-La Plaza heading towards the One San Miguel Bldg. When you reach it, take a left, wallking towards the Richmond Hotel. Take a right when you reach the hotel, and then a left. You should be at Pearl Drive (or Pearl Ave.) and you'll see a lot of eateries at this point, and Residencia should be past these.

  • While you're passing by the restaurants/eateries, you might as well take the time to get something to eat, which you can bring to Residencia.

  • Once you get to Residencia, please inform the Front Desk personnel that you're there for Mark Humphries. He's the resident of the place that has facilitated the reservation of the Function Room / Cabana for us, which is at the top floor of the building.

  • Since the venue had to be paid for in advance, we will have to collect an entrance fee of 50 pesos per person so that we will have further funds should we hold the OPEN MEET in the same place next month.

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