Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lots of ups and downs this week. But will just focus on these four key things:

My panda bear Isha and I just hit our 19th month of being together! The long distance still threatens to overwhelm us, but we're holding on and not giving up. I miss her so much that sometimes I wonder if I will go crazy. Going out is still fun, but there's always that feeling that something huge is lacking since she isn't with me. I hope my plans (yep yep) come into completion soon enough. Happy 19 months, love! I love you with my heart and soul and fat and sweat and tears and everything else!

Also got to finally watch Avenue Q. Brought my parents, Tracy and Sydney to watch it with me. Met Seth and Elaine at North Park at Convergys for dinner, then we headed to RCBC to catch the musical. It was a blast! I never felt so much more depression and happiness at the same time... I really should have had the balls to audition for a part in it. Oh well. Next time, I guess.

Had a photoshoot with NWA too! Made a lot of new friends, saw some old ones and reestablished some acquaintances. Had a view video and pictures too (sadly, Urim, who handled the camera for me, failed to take pictures of MY photoshoot. Sheesh. But I am sure soon in Multiply, the others who were there will be taking posting some pictures with me in them. Will link to them once I find them.

Lastly, if you have time, please add my Tito Albert to your prayers. He's currently in the hospital and we would really appreciate it if you add him to your prayers.

Thank you for your time!

Now to grab some sleep.

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