Thursday, September 13, 2007

Created a new website: The Garapata Repository
From now on, webzines/webmodules and PDFs that I shall create for gaming can be found at The Garapata Repository, which is a website created through Google (all Gmail users have a site waiting to be used!)

So feel free to head on there to snag the two current uploads.

New World of Darkness
Chilling Images - Volume One
A compilation of horrifying imagery and disturbing vignettes that are certain to inspire or terrify you for your next World of Darkness game. Written by various forumites from the forums. The original forum thread is still online for those who want to submit more entries.

Old World of Darkness
A Second To Try
A Changeling: The Dreaming mini-module to add to your Time of Judgment game session. Originally published in Ex Libris Nocturnis having won a small contest for the best Time of Judgment supplement.

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