Thursday, August 30, 2007


Was able to catch Emman at Makati yesterday. (See, I do get to go out of the house sometimes) and chatted on the upcoming trip to Vancouver. Shared thoughts on where I could stay, and what places to check out once I get there.

Catch him on the latest issue of Computer World where he has two articles and a fold-out centerfold! Bwahahah!

He got the green monkey from Dads or one of those restaurants that give away stuffed toys to those who have dinner there. "For my little monkeys," he remarked, referring to his wonderful kids.

I was tempted to drop by their place and check how Apple and the kids were doing, but I guess the guy is just a really busy guy. Juggling what seems like three or four things all of urgent-important status, I am happy my life is far simpler than his.

Still, glad to be able to find some time to hang again!

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