Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I hate the weather.

Last night, over dinner, the rain had a thunderous roar and suddenly lightning struck somewhere near our house. Everything turned yellow for a moment. And the next thing we knew, all 110 outlets were dead. Our phones were dead.

And yes, our computers were in trouble.

All the computers were connected to individual UPS, but what we didn't realize then was that the phone line itself was not protected from surges. Next thing we discovered was the PLDT modem was shorted out, the Router was toast, and the inboard network card of the server was dead.

And ours is a 24-hour business.

Panic time.

Currently, less than 24 hours since the incident, I've gotten PLDT to replace the modem, and was able to get Seth to help me out fix the settings. To the least, the internet is accessible again. The website is still down, as is the FTP services, but that's where Anton will help us make it work.

Hope the clients are patient enough.

Back to work.

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