Friday, April 27, 2007


Thank to everyone who was able to swing by and join the eating, gaming and laughing!
(By order of attendance: Isha, Urim, Mike, Irene, Melai, Janet, Rio, Jorge, Sam, Ian, Awie, Zeki, John Boy, Hamz, Randee, Majo, Andy, Adrian, Nabs, Ebe, Paola, Joey and Cho!)

Wish you were all here! It was brought to my attention that some friends were mistakenly under the impression that they weren't invited! (wah) Actually, I tried to invite everyone my cellphone could reach, and the rest through my phone book and blog. In fact, I posted the darn map to the house in my blog! HAhhaa!

Congratulation to the Ateneo-De La Salle team for willing Crainium Primo edition! We blasted the U.P. Diliman and the DropOuts teams away!

Here's hoping to catch you all again soon (like the upcoming Open Meet this May 5!)
Pictures to follow soon!

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