Thursday, March 01, 2007

Whoa, talk about horribly delayed posts. My apologies to all those who love to visit my blog for having a horribly inactive blog the last few months. Been working my ass off keeping our family business in tip-top shape (we've been growing pretty fast for a small business) while juggling time to fit family, my panda bear Isha, and friends into my weekly schedule. Writing and drawing (ay, sorry mga fans ng DILIMAN!) too has taken a backseat but I promise you I have been taking the steps necessary to get them back on track.

Some quickie updates on what my life has been as of February. Got more projects thanks to James Lo, who has provided me with great money-making creative releases. Also working on projects with Unilever and some other small businesses. Got confirmation from John Anthony Wong that my short film proposal will see production green lights this April. Still waiting for my copy of the thesis student film I helped two Lasallian gals accomplish (with me as the evil kontrabida!) Finally got a new phone, attended a high school reunion, went shopping at Divisoria, got more people into roleplaying games, learned the guy who took my nude pics for his gallery had recently died of a heart attack (God rest your soul, Mr. Despues), finished Virutal Villagers I, was disappointed by Heroes, discovered an interest in Panic! At the Disco, played matchmaker, played mangkukulam, played couples counselor, played lawyer, played teacher, and a host of other things i already posted below.

Panda Bear Isha and I hit our first year together with memorable moments to mark that day. Got a henna tattoo which sadly, has already faded. Ended my gym membership, considering taking swimming every other day, got hit on by a guy, got hit on by a girl, nearly got hit by a car, dreamt of being an x-file, dreamt of being a superhero, dreamt of surviving an earthquake and other weirdness and definitely unforgettable things that I probably have opted to keep to myself.

But yes, to simply put it into one phrase:
it has definitely been an interesting month last February.

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(top to bottom)Portrait of a Killer Look, Nerd Lost in Divisoria, Me and my Panda Bear with a Microphone and a Beer.)

Had a lot of funnies happen this month too, with a highlight being given to the "Sasalele" moment at Robinson's Place. Isha and I were wandering around and looking for a place to eat when we came upon a window that made us both pause for a split second and wonder.

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Of course, when realization and understanding dawned upon us barely a second later, we broke into so much laughter and tears that other people were staring at us and probably wondering why these two foreigners (we have, after all been mistaken as Korean before) were going nuts in front of Cinderella.

Lastly, joined this new friendsterish/multiplesque site called which caters to Filipinos worldwide. I highly recommend you join in and help test the site out! It would definitely add to the positive faces of Pinoys in the web.

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Me and my cousin Gabby, who in so many ways is like me: experiments on animals and plans, has dreams of world domination, is fascinated with anything others consider gross.


  1. Ended my gym membership, considering taking swimming every other day, got hit on by a guy, got hit on by a girl SINONG GIRL YAN HA?! Hahaha
    I love you so much babe.

  2. yay my blogroll is working again ^_^ here's to another month...

  3. Isha, hmmm... that would be... ahem... Suzy.

    Hey Jac, that's cool! Thanks!

  4. aba. Sinong suzy yan ha. papatayin ko yan. *purple panda roars



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