Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh yes! 300 rocks! Panda Bear Isha and I were able to catch the movie (minus the hassles of lines, reservations and the like! All one has to do it is see it at Waltermart instead!) and I have to say, for those who read and loved the comic, the movie is fantastic! For those who never read the comic, I can see how they will be disappointed. Whereas the previous effort to adapt Miller's work (Sin City) was commendable but in some ways a mess, this one is outright incredible in capturing the energy of his art and yet making the tale of how 300 fought against thousands and prevailed at least for a few nights.

The visuals were incredible. The casting fit so perfectly, my only gripe was that I recognized Faramir (David Wenham). I couldn't help but wonder however, when did he get so buff?!?!? Leonidas (played by Gerard Bulter, whom some may recognize from Tomb Raider) fit the role so perfectly, I will never look at a Spartan the same way again. Brad Pitt was horrible at it in Troy. Rodrigo Santoro plays a disturbing Xerxes (and I hate the person behind me who commented, "Pare, si Dhalsim!" because he obviously has no culture. I would have rather he said, "Pare, siya yung sa Lost!") Astinos (played by Tom Wisdom, whom many recognized from Mile High) looked pretty. And I have to say seeing a whole row of ladies in the audience rise up and leave after his... uh... head-y scene was hilarious!

Oh and Kelly Craig was amazing!

(Sino siya? Here's a clue: she also appeared in Coyote Ugly)

300 was definitely worth my time. Isha and I were actually brought to tears, overjoyed to see the comic literally come to life. Here's hoping the next Miller movie-adaptation, Ronin, is just as grand!

Maybe someday, they'll even have the courage to do Dark Knight Returns?


  1. there was no kelly craig in the movie Coyote Ugly.

    where did you get this nonesense?

    check the internet first before posting such stupidity.

  2. The oracle was the body double of a girl in the Coyote Ugly movie.
    Shows what you know.

  3. Well, Xerxes wasn't a seven-foot transvestite who sounds like a Goa'uld.

    Watchmen (as with any Alan Moore opus) is pretty much untranslateable to film. One can only hope it looks good. At best it'll be a dark and gritty superhero-noir.

  4. True missingpoints, but then again, neither were the Spartans speaking in English with touches of british accents. So either enjoy the movie and accept its acceptable faults or find something else more accurate.

    I personally hoped Xerxes was going to be less transsexual in approach and more intimidating. But I guess the creative direction in the movie thought a slightly effete God of the world would be appropriate.

    As to Watchmen, frankly, I actually hope it looks good. I doubt it would ever capture the actual source, but at least may it, like LOTR, take enough elements to stand out as a great work on its own.

  5. It's like someone took a poetic description of the events literally. It works so I'm not really complaining.

    The problem with Watchmen is that the plot is so 80's. As in fear of nuclear annihilation if the Cold War turns hot. Today the global threat is terrorism, and I'll be danged if they change the story to fit that. It'll probably be better if they set it in the 80s.

    Oh well. Here's to hoping Snyder manages to insert the pirate bits. The raft of corpses will be worth the price of admission. :)



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