Thursday, January 25, 2007

It has been a hell of a week. Well, a hell of a month, actually. Work continues to grow in volume which is a good thing unless you realize you're doing everything. The perils of a family business, eh? Still, it is definitely something to grow into a bigger and better thing as time goes by.

For those who aren't aware, I am now the Chief Operations Officer for ABBA eTranscript and Training Services, our family business which caters to medical, business and legal transcriptions as well as offers training, design, and other services as well. With two branches so far (one handling North America under my brother and the other under me for Asia-Pacific region) we're a growing company that has been in operations for almost one full year and so far has not shown signs of slowing down.

Here's to the start of something that may become a legacy I may leave my kids! Hhahaha!

Also, got my student permit and every now and then, Isha brings her car over and has me drive around the village. Yep! In a few more weeks, I might actually show up somewhere with yours truly behind the wheel! Hehehe who would have thought eh?

My sweetie, Panda Bear Isha has been very supportive of me lately.

Been going through major bouts of stress, exhaustion and lately, some sickness as well. My stomach's gone all wonky again, with cramping and painful moments as of the late. I tease my sweetie that I've probably hit my "time of the month" to which of course she merely reminds me that I am probably absorbing someone else's cramps! (I actually on occasion find myself having cramps when it is her time of the month. It was strange.) Lord please don't let me be the cramp absorber of the world!

Finally, on gaming, the group's ongoing Giovanni chronicles game is finally hitting the 1900s with the upcoming session this weekend hitting the Holocaust and World War 2. Once that ends and Gehenna comes by, the next game we're setting up to play is d20 based in Krynn. Dragonlance is the upcoming game with the players taking roles of a parallel storylines that follows the War of the Lance.

Not being that well versed in Dragonlance lore, here's hoping I capture the feel of the game!

So here's to a kinder February, I hope.

With Silver Surfer having chrome balls in the trailer, Penguin and Joker in the next Batman movie, and finally a hello from a Diliman fan (hi Mitch!) here's hoping more interesting things come my way!

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  1. Awww. I offer naman to share my monthly painkillers with you eh. Mwha.



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