Thursday, November 02, 2006

Horrible day today. Woke up to two text messages stating that the two storyboards that haven't even gotten their copy done were needed today at 5:15pm. To make matters worse, during the course of the day, had to go through a total of five revisions for the two storyboards. And annoyingly even more so, after successfully applying all revisions they preferred on the two storyboards to hit their five thirty presentation deadline, NO ONE TEXTS OR EMAILS ME THE OUTCOME OF THE PRESENTATION.

Gawd. You'd think they'd try to update me better after I'd complained about the revisions not being properly collated before being sent to me.

Hay... grabe.

Was in a wonderfully inspiring chat with John Anthony Wong (awarded film director) and my Panda Bear last night and if things go well, I might have another short film in the works! Will keep you all posted if it does push through! Also, got them both to join and I expect EVERYONE ELSE who visits my blog to at least check it out and consider taking a stab at it. There's nothing like the feeling of actually writing your novel in a month and realizing you can really accomplish things you set your mind to.

Although this is actually more a teaser for the nanowrimo novel I am making, the novel is in many ways the "backstory" of the soon to be released new online comic I am working on (ONCE i finish Diliman, that is). Hope you like it.

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Read the novel as it grows here.

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