Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Picked up Panda Bear Isha today from work and made our way up north to Kolumn Bar to attend the very well planned surprise birthday party for Elbert Or! Estelle wove an event with lots of unexpected guests, great music and heart-warming testimonies to how much Elbert has made a difference in inspiring other's lives (including mine!)

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Happy Birthday Elbert!

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Making the night even more special was how at the stroke of midnight, it was the 9th month of being together for Panda Bear Isha and Me! Though we opted to have the longer celebrations this coming Saturday, it still leaves me speechless to think how long the two of us have lasted, with the trails we have faced and the tests we have overcome.

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Isha, I love you.
You are a part of my life.
And I am happy to be a part of yours.

And a belated post,

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She has taken care of me since I was 1 year old. And after all these years, she still helps us at the house and even takes care of my bother's kids! That's two generations of Abads that have grown and been nurtured under her caring heart.
We love you, Bebie!


  1. And i love you so very much,sweetie.

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    and yaya be has even taken care of us when we're there for games. :) belated from me!

  3. wah! bui pa kayo nakapunta! darn work >_< glad to hear it was a blast tho :D

  4. Isha,I love you too!!!

    Shiro, daan ka naman minsan uli! :-) You can greet her personally!

    Jac! We were looking for you. We missed you!

  5. tobieeeeee! i was bloghopping and i landed on elberts blogspot site, which led me to isha's comment, which led me to isha's blog, and finally to your blogspot. :p yey. so aside from getting to read your posts, i got to see our picsss (and what a wonderful job you did, para syang scrapbook) and your picsss (you and isha, you guys are such a cute couple) and i just wanted to let you know i dropped by. :p i'll be seeing you guys tomorrow anyway. hehe. panakaw ng pics ha! *hugsie* - estelle



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