Friday, November 24, 2006


Find your heartsong!
You absolutely have to catch this movie! Beautiful and brilliant! Though somewhat heavy-handed near the end, it still was filled with enough laughs and heart-wrenching moments to be one of the funnest movies to see this year!

Nicole Kidman sounds weird here though. Hugh Jackman reveals more of his theater prowess. Brittany Murphy, though great, seems to lack the vocal depth a black woman can add to a song. But damn, the best parts are the fun parts (with the Amigos stealing the show as expected of Robin Williams!) And yes, Elijah Wood as the lead penguin who has the same doe-eyed look the former Frodo is known to have!

Jump and move and jump and move and stop!

Of course, having the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix teaser trailer was a plus!

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  1. i can't wait to see this. :) didn't know it has an all-star voice-over cast. i would've been happy just watching it for the cute penguins. but i could do with more perks, heh.

    wala lang. nanggugulo lang. :) see you guys tomorrow. - estelle.



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