Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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I've been struggling with some financial perils, and working my ass off here at the family business, but for some strange reason, though currently I am poorer and strangely feeling more over-worked I don't really feel depressed or sadenned by the change of things in my life. Don't get me wrong, I do wish I still had more money than I used to (though business suddenly went slow) and I do find myself missing both the company and the food back at ABS-CBN Global (but in no means the do I miss the workload!) I still find myself thankful for having made this step towards getting back into film and art.

And I still can't help but feel amazed to be sharing this life with my Panda Bear, Isha.

Isha and her family finally got their VISA's for Canada and are definitely ready to make their big leap to the land up north for their change in citizenship. No date's been set, but with the VISA finally approved and physically there, that gives them 6 months at most to move or the application get's cancelled for another round of approvals and whatnots. What this means in the future remains something to be faced when the time comes. Though I have my confidence that my sweetie and I will find the strength and perseverance to ride with the storm to come, I do sometimes find myself having some apprehensions about the day she and I have to really discuss it. One day at a time. I keep reminding myself to just enough everything one day at a time, but with my much more humbled salary and accessibility, I feel that the few days we do get to go out sometimes just doesn't feel enough.

Also, been waiting for word on my Cinemalaya submission.
Strangely, though their website says the deadline for submissions was way past, a recent e-mail from one of the mailing lists I am on suggested that they extended the deadline. Makes me worry if that means they aren't too happy with the submissions they have received so far. Here's hoping that mine get's chosen for a step towards actually getting a full length film done.

Then, Komikon is coming up and I have yet to finish what I plan to have available for it. Still getting approval from certain key people to have some words of theirs on it. And still finalizing the extra stuff I plan to toss inside.
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So there.
Hope you're all having a fun life too!

Happy Birthday shout-outs to Seth Suico and to Basil Pimentel.

(Oh, special thanks to First Oni for the Southpark idea for images!)


  1. Waah you made me cry. (And I'm in MCS NETOPIA of all places.) I do love you, baby. We're both scared but we'll make it.

  2. Uy Isha! MCS ka?? :D



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