Friday, September 08, 2006


Just finished Season Two. Damn show. Love the depth each character has. Love the interplay of relationships. But I do hope they end it in the third season cause if they stretch things too long, people are bound to get bored or frustrated. But this ad rocks! Absolutely!


  1. argh I've always wanted to watch Lost but I never had the time >_<

  2. Got bored with it already... I think the ending of season two was pushed...pirates on a small boat??? silly ;)

  3. I was a fan of Lost the first season, but forgot about it since Prison Break came out... it's much more interesting...

  4. Guess everyone is looking for something they want. Like how I never really was a fan of Queer Eye for example. Or how I loved American Beauty even if others panned it.

    And the pirates... wasn't that season one? Heh.

    Prison Break shows promise, but I dunno. After Shawshank Redemption, am not sure if I will see any thing prison related that will beat that.

  5. Have seen Shawshank, it was good, but for me PB is better... It's smart and it's violent... Better than Oz or any other prison themed anything.. Don't know why im so passionate about it, it's weird...
    Nothing wrong with American Beauty, it's one of the best films i've seen as well... Give PB a try... the pirated DVD's are cheap anyways...



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