Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Its been a very hectic, eventful and memorable series of weeks for me as of the late. From finally breaking free from ABS-CBN Global Limited to Panda Bear Isha and I finally reaching our seventh month together. Found the courage to actually submit something to Cinemalaya and am currently finalising the script of a short film Ma-an and I will be working on. Then, almost like an additional cherry dropped into my ice cream, news of Siglo:Passion having won in the recent National Book Awards reached my ears.


And it isn't even October yet.

Sadly, with the mad rush and complicated clearance needs that I had to accomplish, there too were sacrifices to be made. My "Picturesque" speculative fiction entry to Dean Alfar's blog will have to remain unsent, perhaps saved til next year? Or maybe (if courage finds me willing) submitted to some other competition or collection.

Also had to turn down two possible rackets in order to ensure I have proper time to handle our family business. But I definitely am not letting go of what could be an actual feature full-length movie that I might co-write. Egad. Here's to someday walking down some red carpet and waving at the cameras! Or even better, raising some award and saying the usual spiel of thank yous to everyone including God and neighbors.

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  1. i am so happy for the changes going on right now. Love you!



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