Monday, August 14, 2006

I haven't been able to blog as religiously as I used to due to the large number of projects I am currently juggling. I guess when a person resigns from work, there's a huge amount of additional work one has to finish before the job ends. Hehehe. For those whom I haven't informed, I have officially resigned from my position as a Graphic Artist/Art Director at ABS-CBN Global Limited (effective September 15, a date my boss, Beth, coaxed me to agree with due to the high influx of work we're having from our very many international clients). Decided its time to try and devote more attention to creative endeavors (like short films, writing, comics and eventually studying). I ain't exactly jobless though, with two family businesses waiting for me to help out in (Medical transcription and a Quickly francise) but neither eat my time up competely, leaving me free for rackets, consultation and the like.

In less than six hours, Panda bear Isha and I will be celebrating our sixth month together. There won't be any real fireworks, sadly, since I have (as mentioned above) work to do tonight (five logo designs and a booth design) due tomorrow. But yeah, six months. Who would have thought a beautiful, smart, creative, sexy, sassy, responsible, hyper-active, energetic, moody, intelligent, caring, sensitive, loving woman like her would actually be attractive to some geek like me. Each day, I remember how blessed I am having someone who understands, cares, trusts and loves me. Thank you for making my life a lot more wonderful and a lot less stressful, Isha. Thank you for letting me part of your life.

In less than half a month's time, Panda Bear Isha and I will be at Cebu. Having never been there, I am excited to see the place where Isha grew up as well as meet the people who knew her as she was growing up. In some ways, I am a little bit scared too on how they will react to me, being a Manila boy and all that. Hopefully I will make her proud and win her some compliments for good taste. Hopefully. Hehehe.

In less than a months time, I should have written 1 screenplay for a short story (the project I have with Ma-an Asuncion), copy for a videogame (a project I have with James Lo), script for a ten page comic (a project I share with Elbert Or and Jonas Diego, to be illustrated by a Harvey Ong.. or was that Henry Ong, gah... sorry, I forgot the name!) I also should have prepped ideas and the beginnigs of a screenplay with a local director (Am not sure how much I can say about this yet, so keeping things mum), and learned if I made the cut for 5 Takes - Season 3. As of now, the 5 Takes show seems unlikely though, having not found my name in the partial short list they've posted online which already includes one entrant from the Philippines. But yes, it is a partial list, so I shouldn't give up yet.

Also, in less than three months time, I should have scanned the second to the last Diliman issue, as well as the Love and Heartbreak 2 pages that won't be in used anymore since Elbert decided to make L&H2 more a private project of his own. Then, there's Nanowrimo coming up this October where I plan to try another stab at it, and the deadline for the next compilation for Speculative Fiction Dean Alfar is helming. Then, there's Isha and her family finally heading to Vancouver.

Finally come December I may be out of the country for a few months to finalise the plan to study in CalArts. Here's hoping I get in!

So all in all, life has been great! Thank you for keeping in touch, you all.


  1. awww. I love you too! Lagot ka bukas. *evil laugh. Seriously, I do miss you already.

  2. Sweetie, I love you so much I wanna shrink myself and hide in your pocket all day.

  3. You can do it, Tobie! Getting in to CalArts, I mean. :)

  4. Thank you for the vote in confidence, Jonas. :-)



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