Thursday, June 01, 2006

Work has been overwhelmingly intese this month. With me handling the Mano-A-Mano Pacquiao Larios materials, I've been having very little time to go online or take pictures. Still, life goes on and for those who are wondering, Panda Bear Isha and I are still going strong!

Been getting very little rest, working from 9am to 11pm the last couple of days. On the other hand, its paying off nicely, giving me just enough moolah to buy Isha's mom a present (her Birthday was last night). Here's hoping she appreciates it.

My sweetie is feeling better too, although she still has a cough that won't go away. I'd leave her to give the specifics on this since this is after all her medical history and not mine.

Lost the role of the lead in a student film I was to work in. Now just the "contrabida" in the movie. Oh well. It could have been worse. Should be fun. Short shoot this saturday in Merville. Here's hoping all goes well.

On the RPG side, just ended DC Heroes/Runaways with a bang! We went a different route from DC's Infinite Crisis but I personally think i like our ending more. Started a new game based on Josh Whedon's Firefly/Serenity series. So far its pretty cool with lots of fun! The system is kind of different but very story-friendly too. Global Frequency is still ongoing with loads of new revelations that connect it more to Planetary as well. And lastly, Giovanni Chronicles still hopes that Seth and Aldwin are both free on the same weekend someday to play.

Mom's back from the States and she brings word of Kuya Mike, Ate Ives, Sophie and Tolites/Jam naman. Things are well and good there in Los Angeles. I miss them all dearly and hope to visit them someday. Maybe I'll be lucky and I can bring my Panda Bear with me.

What else ba pa...

Actually madami pa. But it gets confusing on what to focus on at times. Am just so darn busy, I don't have time for my net comics anymore. And many other things.

But life is good.


  1. awww. hugs, mama. Can't wait to see you again. Thanks a lot to your mom for the pasalubong ha!

  2. wow... am glad that despite the hectic schedule, you've a lot to be happy for...






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