Monday, June 26, 2006

Busy busy busy. Hell week is here with the Mano-a-Mano week coming up. Add to that loads of commercials for retail and the like and you have the brewing pot meant for stress build-up. Got a videoconference in the wee hours tomorrow, and Superman Returns in the evening.

Still, I have my health.

My Panda bear had her medical check-up today, a requirement for her coming journey to Canada. She and her family has a lot of other requirements to fulfill before their trip can be a reality. Am really excited and happy for her. There are so much potential waiting there in Canada. So much new experiences and work to engage in. So much culture to dive into. There are... things to consider too, of course, but I think it would be best to just face the music when we get to that point. Lots of pros and cons on both decisions to make, to be frank. And this kind of decision, I would have to admit, has life-changing ramifications.

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Still, even with my non-existent chin, my horribly cavernous nostrils and my Kuya Bodjie face, I am happy my Panda bear loves me, tummy, snores and all. And I love her so much too.

AEGIS celebrated an anniversary last weekend, with Vic and Benny Lee working with Marc Reyes to have it at a function room in Globe Tower 2. Beautiful view, with a touch of Silent Hill-esque route to the convention room, the place was a lovely place (even with some of its... lesser qualities). Wasn't able to run Serenity like I planned. Or Orpheus like I prepped as a back-up, having engaged in a session of Senator with Gelo and company, and a round of Kill Doctor Lucky with some new faces.

Then, there was the birthday party of Direk Paolo Dy, which Isha and I attented after celebrating Lemuel's passing of the Board. (Or was it, of the bar? I get confused). Had two doses of Cebu Lechon in one night, beer and lots of shellfish and ended up feeling far too bloated than I should have been. Watched lots of fun commercials care of Pao's iPOD and had a laugh discussing Brokeback, Cebu, and the many events of childhood and college.

This week, planning to see Superman Returns with my sweetie and attend the Fete dela Musique to be held in Mall of Asia this Friday. Here's hoping all goes as planned. Maybe even squeeze in a night to go to the spa.


  1. thank YOU for putting up with my mood swings and PMS and pimply insecurities and bumhood. I love you so very much. *panda goes gigil and bites you.

  2. BTW. you have big gums and a big heart and i still love you, tobie.



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