Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Found out my throat has pus from the inside. Been taking these strong antibiotics which happen to also be the same kind usually prescribed to people with STDs and UTI. The counter clerk in Mercury Drug got me my meds, then asked, "Sir, may UTI ka? (Sir, you have UTI?)" to which I looked at him surprisedly and replied, "No, for my throat."
I actually felt a tad assaulted by that. He actually thought he could ask me something so blatantly?! For all I know, he may have wrongly told everyone in Mercury when I left that he thinks I have an STD. Bastard.

I hate being sick.

Thankfully, was able to spend loads of time with my Panda Bear last weekend. She got to see our little negosyo at SM Bicutan as well as learn a bit of Flash. She looked so beautiful in red and even more gorgeous when she looked tired from all the learning! Of course, she'd kill me if I posted the other pictures, so you'll just have to be content with these two:

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She also did the impossible and helped me find an ink replacement for my stupid Lexmark printer. For some reason, the Lexmark 17 ink cartridge does not exist in Paranaque, Makati and Quezon city any more, which is annoying since I got the printer from a promo way back when they were giving the printer away for free so long as you bought an ink cartridge. Crap.
But yeah, my sweetie found me a shop that had one!

Only, i can't use my computer:

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Well, the short story is this: Neneng (our househelper who can barely speak in Filipino) was cleaning the bathroom in my room. Upstairs, my Mom and Bebie were busy preparing for guests who were due to arrive. Both wondered what took Neneng too long to finish so they asked Fernan, our driver, to go and check. On his way to my room, Fernan realized he could hear water splashing around. For a moment, he thought Neneng actually decided to take a bath in my bathroom.

Instead, it was far more... uh... more.

She broke a pipe by mistake. Water was splashing all over. She was hoping to find some way to fix it on her own. Between laughter and anger, my Mom, Dad and Fernan eventually got her to step out, got the water in control and got some plumber to fix it.

So the lesson is, next time something get's broken, CALL FOR HELP and tell the family it happened.

Wait, you're wondering how the computer figures in all this? Look at the area behind the monitor. That is the bathroom door. I normally keep my CPU and my AVR on the floor. Where do you think all the water went?


Let's hope it still runs again.


  1. time to upgrade.... get well dude, cheers!

  2. also next time they ask if you have STD you can respond, yeah I got it from your mom.

  3. Hahhahaahha



  4. UTI. hmm. Saan mo yan nakuha ha? *panda raises an eyebrow suspiciously.

  5. Uh, hmm...

    Dirty toilet seat!
    There you go!

  6. geez... some pharmacists. ok lang yun tobes, maybe your antibiotics match his prescription, that's why he ended up blurting that out. bwahahahah!



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