Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Okay, where to begin? Saturday morning, after picking up Isha and Awie, Basil and Kathy, we headed to the SLEX to meet with Eman, Tom, Sam, Ian and Carlo. From there, it was a traffic-engorged convoy to Los Banos to have a join celebration of Isha and my birthdays. Murphy's Law struck so many times (including not having the key to the rest house as well as getting locked in the bathroom) before the day finally started to get more fun. Delicious food, a brief Cranium session, playstation 2 fun and lots of laughs made it a day to remember.

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Flash forward, Sunday evening, after a few oopsies (including a text message mistakenly sent to me telling me to stall myself longer), I fall prey to a surprise birthday bash my sweetie organized weeks ago with a load of my friends from different circles. Homemade ice cream, delicious cake, Silvanas from the Evil Eye and Asti Martini mark the day as one for the books with far too many things to eat! Sam valiantly and eventually successfully convinces everyone to try Cranium again! And later on, I infect my Panda Bear with Katamari Damacy fever!

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Monday night becomes Isha's night as we gather in U.P. Sunken Garden to watch the stars, eat and celebrate her 24th birthday. Her best friend Maui get's to join us (a rare event) and lots of laughs (for both good and bad jokes!) and short anecdotes are traded before the night has to come to an end. Mang Fernan is the true trooper here, barely getting sleep within the last three days yet having the energy to ensure we get to travel safely around Manila.

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Today, is my birthday. Kept it simple by going to work and having lunch with my officemates. Got Reese chocolates from Joey (My favorite!!!) and was sung to my over twenty officemates on my walk back to the office from lunch. Embarassingly fun and memorable, that's for certain!

Talk about busy days, eh?

Isha, I love you!


  1. i love you too mama. :D so much.

  2. happy birthday dude!

    belated na. bad erwin, bad erwin!

  3. hmm...green waters...I could think of 6 people who would love to jump in those green waters...^^


    That would be a big problrm thi...they don't like each other one bit..^^


  4. happy happy double bday..... Awie looks like he's just so used to sucking those ice drops huh!



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