Friday, April 21, 2006

Pioneer is distributing the movie for local release. Have you seen the stupid fuck-up job they did to the movie poster? They totally defaced it, added a stupid obvious fuck-up gun to the female lead's hand and added really stupid fonts all over it.


They just ruined the chances of the movie looking more appealing and hitting a market. What the hell is wrong with these putang-inang fuckers who think they know what's best for a movie (which already has its own marketing approach and poster designs?!?!?)

Pioneer, in its infinite stupidity, threw away the existing posters that Sony itself made for Silent Hill. THESE are the posters for the movie that were created by the people behind the movie.

But NO, for PIONEER, they thought they could do better. And now you got their horrible version of the poster everywhere in Manila, making the movie look like some stupid cheap B-movie!

Hell even the existing cooky "I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream" based poster of Sharon was weird, but damn it was classy weird. And I have nothing against the Americans who have begun defacing the poster to make it even more funny. At least, those show the posters get noticed.
And in a good way.

But the Pioneer poster? God Damn Them To Hell.
Will see if I can get a picture of the eyesore poster and post it here.

But til then, may God be kind and cause all those behind the poster's violation to die. Horribly. Slowly. And if God be willing, by my hand too.

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