Sunday, April 02, 2006

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Panda Bear Isha and I had an unexpected lunch with the mother's side of the Abad Clan last weekend. We passed by MAX's Fried Chicken to drop of a package my mother left in the car when the rest of the family invited us to stay and eat. So now, the mother's side of my family has met my Panda Bear! :-)

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Later that day, we headed to Dean's booklaunch of Salamanca, his first novel! There were a lot of people there (and not just friends of your mom, Dean!) and the reading of pages 12-13 were so powerfully enticing, well, let's just say Dean truly is one of the people who inspire me in so many ways. Got to catch up with all my old friends there too: Vinnie, El, Andrew, Alex, Kate, etc...

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Met up also with Jonette to congratulate her for her graduation. Going to get her copy of Arnold Arre's Andong Agimat signed soon.

Dean teased me about when MY novel is coming up? I dunno man.. I don't even have a Palanca award. Who on earth would love to publish my stuff? I think I will submit Skydiving for the upcoming Palanca Awards though... just to see if it would be received well.

BTW, To Vinnie, Dean and the rest. If you want copies of the pictures, do tell me if you want them at actual size (which is around 7.3 MB, or around 300KB per photo) or if you are fine with just getting a CD some time from me. I can email it. But I need to know if you're okay with receiving e-mail that huge. Thanks!

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Finally got a working english version of Kingdom Hearts 2! Whooooopie!!! Gawd it is such a good game. I hope this one surpasses the fun of the first one! My sister nad I are watching the Hills Have Eyes with Isha and her brothers tomorrow. Here's hoping its worth a few screams! At least the tickets were free. And sadly, delayed ang Silent Hill again. Waaah. I hope its cause they want it to be released nicely and not due to stupid reshooting and editting to make it more palatable to a non-mature audience. The website has a new intro, which is pretty nice. I really love their loading graphic.

I love you so much Isha.
I love you more than I ever loved anyone before.


  1. Tobie!

    Thanks so much for joining the celebration! Your pictures are wonderful and I would love a CD sometime soon ;) It was great meeting Isha too! And I'm serious about you getting your work in print. I believe you have incredible stories within - just get them out :)

  2. Will burn you a CD.

    Aww.... Dean's making me cry.

  3. WOW!!! Unofficial meet and greet Isha day huh?

    Well...may I just say that your mom and Isha look really good together..^^ (Of course you and your panda also look good together..^^)

  4. aww maan, so sweet of you.
    and thanks and congratulations to you, dean, on your successful delivery and new bundle of joy. Would you believe i actually live on dian street? haha.
    And tobie. So many words that don't get past fructoso, but your fingers find a way to make them heard. I love you so much. You inspire me and move me. And this is beginning to sound like a friendster testimonial. Mwah.

  5. Aww..
    Now my sweetie is making me cry....


    I love you, Isha!



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