Monday, April 10, 2006

Author's note: This blog post has been sanitized as per requested by certain individuals. Still, all reported details are fact. Grabe, parang intro ng Da Vinci Code ito!

Oh boy... the last week was so hectic, and I am not even talking about work yet! Still, every single day was worth it! Panda Bear Isha and I were able to spend much time together! John Boy is back home and on the road to recovery. Jonette is a happy happy gal. And my sister Tracy rocks!

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We got to watch a bunch of bands including Stonefree, Pupil, Dicta License, Six Cycle Mind and a few others! Tracy invited me and Isha to go check out Teatrock at Dish! (which incidentally is in ABS-CBN The Loop). Isha brought a friend of her's from Fine Arts (sorry! Forgot her name!) Lots of cool bands played. Stonefree, however, stole the show. While most bands seemed content with their musical masturbation, Stonefree entertained and made the experience a concert to really watch and jive with!

(Was hoping to see Paramita or Urbandub but sadly.. nope.)

Of course, Isha suddenly wanting to run away with Ely Buendia had nothing to do with me not being too happy with the Pupil show. :-P

The event was helmed by Stephen, a friend and fellow actor of Uncle Ricky from Ateneo.

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A friend of mine, Jonette recently graduated and as a present I got her a copy of Arnold Arre's Andong Agimat. Wanting to make the gift even more special, I swallowed my hiya and contacted Arnold via Cynthia's blog, asking if it would be too much to ask him to sign the copy. I met Cynthia Bauzon a long long time ago, back when I first heard of Sugarhiccup and was blown away by the cover of the cd. I wanted to contact the artist behind the look and Cynthia happened to be the one behind it. We chatted a lot before and lost touch some time ago.

After bumping into them again back when Neil Gaiman had a press thingie last year, and bumping into them again at the Bahay ng mga Alumni during the Komikon, I decided to take the gamble and hope she remembered me. Thankfully, she did.

Arnold came by, signed Jonette's copy, and the two gave us some time in their very busy schedule to chat with us. I am so very happy and grateful that they were that accomodating! Thank you so much again Cynthia and Arnold!

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John boy is an old schoolmate of mine (Animo La Salle!) and when I heard he was in the hospital, Panda Bear and I made sure we found time to pay him a visit. Without getting into details, let's just say he's happily on the road to recovery. Isha found a pair of tweezers and decided to give me a Queer Eye moment. (Hmm... she calls me "mama" and she "plucked" me. So she's my mama pluck... uh er... Love you!!!)

Glad you're doing better John boy! Miss the times you'd hang over and reminisce over the fun, funny, hilarious and pathetic years we had back in college. Catch you around again some time buddy.



  1. awww. I heart yuuuu. and no matter how much ely sings, i'd pick you any day. mwah

  2. Lol..^^

    Reminds me of the time our course held its General Assembly at Dish..^^ and the one that sponsored the event was LS 97.1..^^

    Grabe! Talgang weird feeling..



    Love you Sweetie!

    HEheheh Hello again Twizted!

  4. you getting so cheeeessseeee biaotch! ;) ingatz, been so fu!@n buzy lately don't even have time to email you a new car though ;) check it out at to meet Lian too....we gonna get together this weekend again ingatz ok



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