Tuesday, March 21, 2006

To Arnold Arre,

Let me say that though I still hold Mythology Class and Trip to Tagaytay as better story-wise, the artwork of Andong Agimat truly shows the evolution of your style into a truly distinct and expressive one. I loved the line work! I loved the shadows! I loved how they all appeared to have depth and form and at the same time, carried themselves with a body language that was very pinoy and very expressive! Though at some panels I had to re-read them to try and discern who was doing what, when it came to the ones that were beautifully composed, I could not help but sink into the page and marvel at your work.

I liked how you also truly captured the claustrophobic and almost computerless-cyberpunk feel that Manila has in your work. There was a very distinct feel of the comic being set in Manila and this had nothing to do with the use of Filipino or dialects in the dialogue.

The script, though hard to read (since am used to English) and in some cases felt stilted like it was a direct English - Tagalog translation, was very interesting in the way it tried to avoid spoon-feeding information but giving enough to keep the plot going. The old dialect used to represent the ancient speech was nicely decipherable enough to get the gist of the message.

All in all, this was a fun read! A very dark and serious follow-up to Mythology Class' approach to Philippine Mythology, and yet an action-packed modern romp into the local concept of a Superhero.

Congratulations on the new book!
And thank you for inspiring us to try to make our own too.


Tobie Abad

(the e-mail addy in his website was either down or filled up. my e-mail to him was bouncing. so decided to post it here instead.)

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