Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just saw the ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Musical last Sunday

Thanks to the ever humble Carlo Vergara, Panda Bear Isha and I were able to watch the musical adapation of the ZsaZsa Zaturnnah graphic novel! The roaringly funny campfest was truly an enjoyable sight to behold! From the interstellar journey of the Zaturnnah stone across planets to the grand finale which proves its time for Darna and Krystala to move aside, the production was one that brought laughs and tears and never had a single dull moment.

I wish I had a copy of the soundtrack! I wish I had a chance to meet all the cast! I wish I could have watched it again! And most of all, I wish I DID audition back when they were looking for people willing to play the zombies! Gah... this is the second lost opportunity that I let slip from my grasp.

Congratulations to Carl and to the whole cast of the production! I can see only bigger things to come after this! Mabuhay kayong lahat!

On a side note

My Panda bear was teasing me about having my own private fan following, having bumped into a group of Lasallians two weeks ago when she submitted her 1st Philippine Graphic/Fiction awards entry at Rockwell. The group, she said, knew of me and my works and supposedly spoke highly of my work! Egad.

During the intermission, as Isha and I were making our way back to our seats, we bumped into a bespectacled guy who suddenly stared at me and asked, "Tobie... Tobie Abad?" I actually switched into my "bumping into someone whose name I forgot" mode and yelled out, "Oi! Musta!" (I've always had this problem with names and faces) and realized that I should have fessed up and admitted I didn't recall who he was. Isha, of course, had a ball of a time teasing me about having so many fans!

If only!

Soon to follow...

More pictures of me and Isha! And some images from the past!
Check it out soon!


  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! I wanted to watch Zsa Zsa!!!! But I didn't have time..nor money to go and watch..my favorite prof was even disappointed because I didn't watch his performance..he played the role of the gay guy who turns into Zsa Zsa..^^

  2. Your prof was... Ada!

    Do tell him I saw the show and I loved it sooooooooooooo much! I wish I had a camera!

  3. i watched on the same day! sayang didn't get to see you. eh di sana meron ka na namang isang fan. hehehe. :)

    i got a copy of the soundtrack and i would burn a copy for you but it says BABALA: Huwag kokopyahin ever, bumili ng orig na CD. :)

    i think there's going to be another show on march 25 at the sinag arts theater.

  4. a friend of mine was there too! im guessing that same night. look for NIME in my links.

  5. hehehe..^^ Sir Tuqxs rocks!^^ I'll tell him you loved the show..^^



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