Sunday, March 26, 2006

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Yep, last week was a riot!
At work, I noticed a number of my officemates were dressed in particular solid colors as well. Gathering them together, I was able to convince them to pose for the camera in a campy sentai battle pose! (for those not familiar, read more about Sentai here)

Finally got to see V for Vendetta with my Panda bear Isha and I loved how they were able to maintain the message of the comic novel even if they transformed much of the story to match the movie medium. Wonderful touches on making the setting modern yet still timeless. And to those who felt it was very anti-America.. actually, you're just being too narrow-sighted. The movie is anti-government abusing its position in the world as an authority.

Also, finally got to (re)meet Ian this weekend. Panda bear Isha and her brother Basil and I meet up with Sam, Ian, Carlo and Tom at Seattle's Best in Makati. Had a laugh over Eigermann, a weird cook, and other little stories. Caught up with Marc Ambrosio (Flashpoint!!!!) and traded RPG stories.

Headed to Crocodile Grill and had my taste of ostrich salpicao which did not taste like anything strange to be honest. At most, the strangest thing about it was it was fowl (ostrich) but tasted like beef. Oh well...

And ran the first attempt at a Global Frequency rpg session. Had much fun! Though kinda rusty with approaching modern action, I hope the game still had enough zing to be enjoyable.

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  1. FOR THE RECORD, that is not my hand on tobie's lap, that is his. :p



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