Sunday, February 12, 2006


Many many thanks to Eman, Apple and Mio for a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for the refreshing change of scene, the wonderfully delicious food, the body building swimming, the lazying microwave sun bathing, the very fulfilling Moo Moo session (Yeah! We finished it with just two players Eman!) and the memorable videoke sessions (Bohemian Rhapsody! Only You! Kung Ako Na Lang Sana! Kailangan Kita!) while sipping champagne!

Sadly, totally forgot to take pictures! But damn, the weekend really recharged me after all those sick days last week. Helped put some things into perspective too. And ultimately, reminded me why deep down I envy married couples.

Life goes on.
But this time, I'm smiling better now.

"If you can't change it, you just gotta stand it."
- Ennis del Mar, Brokeback Mountain


  1. definitely feels great to be refreshed on a weekend. hope you keep that smile throughout the week! oh and i am looking for your previous post about the zaturna play at ccp hoping to watch with friends next week.

  2. Am planning to watch it on the last show date, March 3. Tempted to get other tickets to watch sooner too.


  3. i want to have an r&r at sagada! problem is moolah :(

  4. Sagada??!!? I've never even been to the usual beach fares in the Philippines! Waaah... Boracay, ano yon?




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