Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Some pictures of me and my Panda Bear. UP FAIR was a blast! I was having so much fun I totally forgot to take more pictures. Isha and I were roaming around so much, we practically checked EVERY stall that was in the fair for anything interesting. We got the gang some really funny pins for the tropa and sweetie got herself a nice Panda Henna tattoo! Got to meet up with sina Majo (yes, I know you really missed them Isha.) and Hamz and sung with the bands as they played songs at just the right moment.

Watched a chorale at UA & P with Seth and Elaine. Again too much fun to recall I had a camera. The chorale performance was a tad lackluster (parang they were having more fun than were singing professionally) and the choice of songs were... strange. Headed to Marina for dinner and found ourselves shocked with the fat that graced the Lapaz Batchoy and the Liempo.

We also checked out the FA exhibit and bands, hung around Fine Arts, amusedly watch a GMA van drive up (best bit: the talents going wild over how dirty the restrooms were. I think one even nearly ended up crying!) and try to mingle with the crowd. Walked around U.P. Campus in the moonlight and enjoyed waaaaay too much.

The other day, Panda Bear and I grabbed some food at Snackaroo. Deliciously sinful steak (Only P120 and its enough for two people!) with just as delicious Maiz con Hielo for dessert. Attended Seth and Elaine's housewarming party eating Seth's cooking, KFC and Cake2Go cookies while watching Zoolander. Had a long anticipated Giovanni Chronicles session (damn that was fun!) and took a journey back to Paranaque around 5:00a.m. Sunday morning.

Yesterday, Panda Bear and I headed to SM for some lunch at Sbarro. Got ourselves two slices of white cheese (with extra cheese too!) and walked around to help digest the food. Visited murderous doggies (actually cute but smelly ones. :-P ) and checked out the prices for Network cables (egad P25 per meter! And I needed 48 meters!) in hopes of actually being back online during the evenings. Eman offered some good advice on the internet plans (have to meet up with him to borrow the Wireless stuff.)

All in all, a very hectic yet happy set of days.
Talk about busy!

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