Monday, February 06, 2006

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One of my closest friends and the woman who has made him a better man finally tied the knot last weekend. After months together, the two finally found themselves ready to face the world united in love. Frankly, it still brings tears to my eyes.

Yep, I cried. I have to admit it. I was very moved and touched by the event. I guess its because deep down, I do wonder if I too will ever find myself at such a point in time, finally with someone who does trust me enough to live the rest of their life with me.

I thought I found it a few times before. Evidently I was wrong.

Elaine's friends, whose names I failed to note, sang beautiful songs to enrich the wedding and reception with so much passion and emotion. I regret not having enough time to get to know them. I doubt I'd ever dare invite them to videoke with me (more so because I'd probably be too ashamed to even sing in their presence!) but I do hope they someday can count as more friends for me to meet.

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