Saturday, January 14, 2006

(Got tagged by my Panda Bear Isha)

10) Cheap Prices
We do get less than other countries in terms of salaries and the like, but the accessibility of cheaper goods which are ALSO available in other countries makes up for it. Seriously, I have seen stuff for sale in Los Angeles and Hong Kong which cost less here (and no I don't mean pirated goods).

9) Less Catastrophies
I guess an odd typhoon here and there is okay. Occasional land slides do occur in more rural areas. Then there's red tide on occasion. But that's just about it. Other countries contend with blizzards, hurricanes, tornados, volcanos, frequent earthquakes, sand storms and more.

8) Halo Halo, Nata de Coco, Sago at Gulaman, Tocino, Laing and Taho

7) Beaches and Vacation Spots
None like those we got here, and mind you I don't mean *cough commercialized cough* places like Boracay. I mean those less known places which have beaches that ARE still actual beaches and the like. And no, I am not sharing them with you. Ha!

6) Tricycles
As personalized as taxis but as cheap as jeepneys. Why take a cab when you can take a tricycle for less and still get to a precise destination? Its limited to close areas, but hey, that works for lunches and stuff.

5) The variety of food
Oh yes. Stay long enough in the United States and you'll realise everything they serve, be it steak, burgers, fish, salads or even pizza eventually taste the same. They keep things bland and force you to spice it up on your own. Here, we got a world variety of cuisine and its all really distinct and yummy!

4) Paskong Pinoy
Nothing like it.
Nothing at all.

3) Party Time
Only in the Philippines do you get to buy beer ANY time of the day and get to see party spots still open past two a.m.

2) Churches
It is nice to know Churches are many here. And beautiful too.

1) The Culture
It is just sad that so few get exposed to it. We need more pro-pinoy stuff. On television. On print. On games. On fashion.

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  1. Yeah! More Pinoy Komiks! Darating lahat yan ngayong 2006!

    It's refreshing to read a list like yours. It goes against the grain of all the bitching about all the things wrong about this country. Mabuhay KA!!!



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