Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It is finally a new year. And with this new year comes the hope that things will be different if not better than the previous one. Everything from economic woes, to health worries seemed to coagulate in the surrounding days of last year's very turbulent waters. Though things felt like they were on an upswing in the latter part of 2005, in general the year was seen as one of the more difficult years in the decade by many of my friends.

With the coming of 2006, I have decided to do something rather than create a list of resolutions to follow (or try to). Though I do have some self-imposed promises to make happen, I decided it would be more interesting to post what some frustrations I hope change this year.

And as they say, "Bato bato sa langit, matamaan huwag magalit."

1.) A full list of Yahoo! Messenger names with all having a "Not at my desk" or "Do not disturb" icon on.
Seriously, if you don't WANT to be disturbed, then DON'T turn Yahoo! Messenger on. Unless you're waiting for someone specific and want the rest of the world to ignore you, then by all means GO INVISIBLE.

I really find it an annoying peeve to see long lists of names and all are not to be disturbed. Its like having a large buffet table with a huge plastic sheet over the whole thing so no one touches it. What the fuck? Why even display the food then?

I am not sure how I feel though about the whole list being "I'm on SMS". Its kind of a double take thing; they're NOT online, but they are reachable. So I think its currently okay. I guess.

2.) Thinking more than Acting
There are some websites that could serve as beautifully efficient means to contact more people interested in certain hobbies that frankly are in terrible need of updating and activity. I don't care how delicate mapping out a website is assumed to be (this is a hobby website for crying out loud, not some government site or what) but it should NOT take more than a whole year to decide how to update it.

Update it please.

Same thing goes to certain projects and purchases. If you WANT to buy the car, stop waiting for someone to convince you to do so. Just buy it. Or don't. No one likes being asked to share their opinion, then told their opinion is wrong. So stop asking if all you plan to do is contradict them.

3.) Very very loud fireworks at 3 a.m. when no one else is lighting them
Makes me wish I could light the same thing and aim it at your face. And please, causing neighbors' cars to break into alarms at that hour is a sign to STOP lighting them. Swallow a sensitivity pill, you prick.

Oh and this leads to...

4.) Insensitive people
Especially when it comes to time management and keeping others who adjust their schedule to theirs informed. How fucking hard is it to send a text message to the people waiting for you that you can't make it? Give others the chance to adjust their scheds if you can't make it. Not everyone lives their lives at your beck and call. Really. Not everyone.

Same thing goes to the bastards who love yakking in elevators as if the were talking to someone half a football field away. And no, I don't care if you're talking about your latest purchase on tacky clothes and horribly over-priced tsinelas. Just admit the fact you don't have a television show to imitate Oprah and move on with your life.

5.) Certain public celebrities and government official
If it were possible, I'd neuter you all just to help give the Philippines a better chance at becoming something better. Its sad how much you are in power and positions to influence so much people, and you use it to protect your (lack of) fashion sense and evidently self-indulgent fund collection. One single day's worth of your salary can feed hundreds of the poor. Stop acting like your single donation in a month is really an act of charity.

We all know you're just after getting more tax cuts.

6.) Online Comics ignored as part of Local Comic Industry
Its frustrating. But it seems to be the common mindset shared by those in the industry. You'll see mentions of independent publishers, of photocopied self-stapled comics, of printed stuff and published work, but you never really see mention of online comics and websites that have been creating comic strips and stories.

Its sad. Why it would never be permitted to be part of industry discussions, I will never understand.

7.) Happy People
Oh no. I actually hate myself now too!

Nikki Alfar
Tobie Abad
Gabby Lee
Andre Mischa Cleofe
Cathy delos Santos

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