Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Re: “Brokeback Mountain” premiere

The UP Film Institute regrets to formally inform all concerned that it could no longer push through with its own special premiere of Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain” as previously announced because of unavoidable circumstances.

The UP Film Institute wholeheartedly extends its apology for whatever inconvenience it may have caused. It is grateful to Sky Films for bringing such a landmark film to Philippine audiences. It only wishes the guaranteed success and maximum patronage for “Brokeback Mountain” and abides by all that the celebrated film aims to accomplish.

Likewise, the UP Film Institute renews its commitment to continue its support for the cause of fine filmmaking everywhere and welcome all opportunities to provide the premier state university constituents the necessary access to the best of world cinema by all possible means at its disposal.

The UP Film Institute thanks all for their consideration and understanding.
See you always at the movies!


Too bad. I really wanted to see it.

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