Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Just posting the pictures of this year's Christmas celebrations. Am still at work. My right hand hurts, gosh I hope it isn't carpal tunnel syndrome (or what ever that is supposed to be called). Am cold. Am cranky. And I'm getting occasional stomach cramps (yep yep Panda.. its still there. Heh.) Hoping you're all having a much better Christmas long vacation than I am.

Uh, vacation?

Ano yon?

Merry Christmas!
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Family celebrated with Christmas Eve with lots of food and delectable deserts. As always, Yaya Bebie made a wonderful collection of delicasies and yummy falvors to dive into. Missed having Kuya around. We used to joke a lot during Noche Buena on which of our friends would show up first. Also missed a lot of my old friends. Marco, Rommel and Ryan used to show up come Christmas eve to grab a bite or two. Of course, now Marco is in Middle East, Rommel in the USA and Ryan with his own family celebrations.

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Headed to Pasay to celebrate Christmas at Lola Rose's house. It was really fun though I was kinda sad that one of my uncles and his family had to leave early. They had some other affairs to attend to (Boyfriend lunch for one, not sure about the others) which frankly I felt was kind of wrong. Sometimes I wonder if they are disgusted by us. Or find us too "cheap and ordinary" compared to their high class and high society circles. Cause I would like to think they'd be more willing to give ONE SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR for a family gathering such as this one.

Ah, am cranky. And its showing.

Camera acting up too. Battery needs to be replaced again I guess. Ever since I lent it to the angry man for the Ad congress, its been acting up like this. Even if I charge it for a full 5 hours, all I get is 10 minutes of charge. Damn. And I just BOUGHT a new battery this year. Oh well.

Enough of this for now. Time to go back to work I guess.

I miss my Panda Bear.
Wish I could hug Isha right now.


  1. OMG the food on the table is delish. And pics with the family reminds me of christmas in the Phils.

  2. "How do you measure the life of a woman or a man? Remember the love"

    thanks for the pics. hapinuyir!


    Hehehe, yep the food is definitely DELICIOUS!!!

  4. glad i got to hug you today, of all days, the last day of the year. I missed you horribly too, mama. hugs to your family too.



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