Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yep, my Pinoy Martial Arts 24-Hour Comic is slowly being released for public consumption. I wonder if everyone out there can view it properly though. Here at work (yes I haven't gone home) I can't seem to view particular pages. They appear instead as broken links. So I tried re-uploading all them pages and fixing the links, but they still appear as broken links for me. I don't know if its one of them office net quirks. So if you guys and gals out there find any problems, do tell me so I know whether its a localized thing or not.

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Hitting my 21st hour of non-stop work now. Just so much to do. And yes, its the dreaded TV Guide week too. Oh well, at least I got to have lunch yesterday with my Panda Bear. I miss her already. I've been missing her since last night. I do hope she had good dreams.


A bunch of my friends including Joey and John-boy are off to the Ad Congress at Cebu. Wah. Wish I was going too. Sadly, I'm stuck here. Could have been worse I guess. Yah. Could have. Been. Lent John-boy my digital camera so he can take pictures of the events and chicks and stuff. Pornographer with a calling card, yah. Ayuh.


My Panda Bear is watching the Harry Potter movie today. Am not in any mental state to join her, sadly, so I do hope she has fun with the friend she is going with. Ah. Crap.
Viktor Krum indeed. Hahahaha. Flippendo his face if he tries anything. Hehehe!

Damn, I need sleep. Later!

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