Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Open Meet Offerings:
This coming Open Meet I will be running two roleplaying game demos. Hope you fnd them interesting!

Game System: White Wolf Gaming Studio Storyteller System - Vampire: The Dark Ages line
Overview and Setting: Players portray a group of Inquisitors who investigate on a possible heretic group active in the mountains of Languedoc. Characters are faithful seekers of truth who discover that there are things that might not be what they expect in a world lit by fire.
Style: Action, Decisive decision-making and dramatic debate on the nature of Good and Evil
Similarities: A cross between Joan of Arc: The Messenger, Millenium and the Exorcist rolled into one.

Game System: DC Heroes (MEGS system)
Overview and Setting: Players take the roles of members of a group of ordinary people who discover an incredible plot by the evil Despero and must act to buy the Justice League time to arrive at the scene.
Style: Quirky-humor, Action and lots of Heroic attempts
Similarities: Zoolander and Mystery Men meets Justice League of America.

Knowledge of the game systems are not necessary to enjoy the games.
Passing knowledge of the subject matters are required (ex. Who is Superman? What is Sin?)

See you guys there!

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  1. Sayang di ako makakapunta...i'm itching for some old-fashioned pen and paper...



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