Sunday, October 09, 2005

Had lunch with Vonjobi last week.
Wanted to catch up on what he's been up to. I first met Vonjobi when I did a small job thing for my Mom called the "Mystery Caller". He was part of the project and helped me get around Metro Manila to visit all the branches where the Mystery Caller was supposed to appear. As to what exactly that meant, I'd leave it for some other day to talk about. Vonjobi has had a very interesting journey though life and I tell you I do hope he writes it as a book one day.
Got myself two DVD movies and a PS2 game today.
Sadly, none of them work. Batman Begins I got was a really bad pirated one, so am returning it asap. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD seems to be of the wrong region, appearing as some weird black and white movie. Lastly, the copy of Fahrenheit I got doesn't run. Frighteningly I suspect they gave me a scratched disk and plan to claim i scratched it. Bugger them.
Been addicted to Neopets really bad.
Trying to solve this desert quest with hidden pieces of some strange parchment spread out in various parts of the Neopets world. Gosh its tough. The maze of the Temple of 1,000 Tombs can get really confusing until you map it out nicely. And more fun is the fact no two tombs are alike, so you really have to take the time to map it out. It's really addictively fun. Do check it out!
CORPSE BRIDE was so sweet... but too short!
Watched the new Tim Burton flick with Panda Bear Isha and her friends. (Will post the pictures to that soon!) Corpse Bride did raise the bar when it came to facial expressions and little details for stop-motion animation. The songs were a tad strange however. I dunno, maybe it was hard to appreciate them considering how lively the choreogrophy was and how hard it was to understand some of the lines. The narrative was well done, however, and the ending did not feel forced at all. We were wondering, however, if the themes of necrophilia and killing-your-married-partner-to-be-with-your-true-love are messages we really wanted our children to learn. Ultimately, the movie was a really great watch! Only... too short.


  1. Fahrenheit is that game which is called "Indigo Prophecy" (?) in other countries, right? Cinematic cuts and shifting character controls? I think I mentioned this game to you guys a while back. I'm surprised it's already out :D I hope they have it on PC.

  2. I agree with you on Corpse Bride. Too short! Not long enough for more character development in my opinion. Still a good movie though. Wasn't The Nightmare Before Christmas longer?



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