Tuesday, October 04, 2005


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Still no sign of Mirrormask being shown here sadly. Although I heard it already has been shown in some cinemas in the United States. I do hope they bring the movie here.

Hermione Granger is really starting to become a hottie. No, I refuse to see her as anyone but Hermione Granger. Her sassiness, her dedication to her books, and her tendancy to look great in jeans are all due to Hermione. I have no idea what she is like outside the movies, so I'll stick to that. :-)

Ricky Martin has a new look that actually does make him look straight on the first glance. His new single, I don't care, sadly isn't as good as I hoped it would be. So no, Ricky Martin, you still suck.

Lastly, Superman by Morrison and Frank Quitely. Egad. I am totally wishing I could buy this. Hope it comes out as a trade paperback.

Soon to come...
More pictures of me and my Panda. Some pictures of the recent signs of Gehenna (Me, Panda, Seth and Elaine!) and news on Diliman 14!

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  1. Yeah, Hermione is the only character that would be categorically hot there, that and she really grow on you, literally and figuratively :D (unless the said Cedric would be a real hottie as well, ehehehe)



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