Monday, October 17, 2005

After weeks of wanting one, I asked my boss permission today and headed to Capelli's to get a haircut. The hairdressers tried to convince me to get my hair hot oiled, colored and even rebonded but I resisted. Financially, I wouldn't afford those extra services anyway. So on with the haircut. The hair dresser asked me if I had any cut in particular that I preferred. I admitted that I wasn't really that picky about it. I used to have my hair in a ponytail. Then there was a point in time I had a near-bald head. And of course I had my fashion faux pass in the past too. So I just asked her to do whatever she thought would suit me. Here's hoping it went well.

While hanging out with my parents last weekend, I found a bunch of old photos on the headboard which my mother had dug up from old albums and boxes. I decided to share with you two of them. The first picture was taken way back when my brother and I took our confirmation vows. Gawd, check out how small I was!

The second one was taken in the poultry farm the family used to have. I have fond memories of the place; waking up at four a.m. to vaccinate the chicks by dropping this bluish dye into their eyes, the terrifying encounters with tukos, the aswang visits, the evil goats, the mahjong tiles used as lego add-ons and the nights lit by kerose lamps and kept musical by the chirping of crickets.

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  1. kamukha mo na talaga si dave grohl :p ganda pa ng condition ng photos mo

  2. kami din yata "past" mo na lang eh.... huhuhu.... btw, i saw johnboy at glorietta last night, he's looking great! so much in love ka daw, di nga obvious eh.... hehehe... ;)

  3. Hahhahaha Thanks, brown eyes.

    Saint Eroica, tumigil ka diyan! Tsismis lang yan! heheh

  4. Is it just me or he now looks like Freddie Mercury of Queen? Hahaha. Hugs, mama

  5. Freddie Mercury!??!?!


    Love you Panda Isha!



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